"I learned more about real estate investing from Tom than I did in four years of college ... and I majored in real estate!"


Frequently Asked Questions


If you have any other questions please feel free to email or call Tom.


1. What are 5 reasons NOT to buy Tom's Online 4-Part Series?

#5 Reason NOT to Buy Now: Your wealth-building plan is to win the lottery.

#4 Reason NOT to Buy Now: You can always move back home and live in your parents' basement.

#3 Reason NOT to Buy Now: You don't mind buying a property, then losing your shirt.

#2 Reason NOT to Buy Now: You think "recapture" is a zoological term.

#1 Reason NOT to Buy Now: You prefer to get your real estate investing information on cable TV at 3am from a guy smoking a big cigar standing in front of a photo of a Rolls Royce!



2. How does Tom's Online 4-Part Series work?

When you place your order, you will receive an email from Tom containing the links to each of the four parts of the Series. Attached will be the Study Guides in pdf format for each of the four parts. All you have to do is:

Print the Study Guides.

Click on the link to Part One. The video will appear on your screen and you're on your way!

You can watch 24/7 ... as many times as you want.



3. After completing Tom's Online 4-Part Series what will I be able to do?

Here's just a partial list:

  • Quickly determine if a property "makes sense" financially.
  • Confidently utilize the one page, easy-to-use INVESTMENT PROPERTY WORKSHEET to determine a property's financial benefits: cash flow, principal reduction, income tax saved and appreciation.
  • Forecast the rate of return on investment before you buy, or list the property.
  • Maximize depreciation deductions, thereby saving more tax dollars.
  • Utilize three real-world methods to determine the true investment value of a rental property.
  • Judge the best time to sell a property to achieve maximum benefits.
  • Calculate the current "return on equity" and compare it to other, more profitable options.
  • Know how and when to double the rate of return by disposing of one property and acquiring another...without having to pay tax!
  • Size up the tax implications of selling a property.
  • Be able to" talk the talk" with investors and advisors.
  • Top...



4. What Worksheets are included in the Study Guides?

    Three different, easy-to-use worksheets are included:
  • INVESTMENT PROPERTY WORKSHEET: to be used when estimating a rental property's four financial benefits: cash flow, principal reduction, income tax savings and appreciation. The worksheet is also used to determine the rate of return on investment, capitalization rate and cash-on-cash return.
  • FLOAT and DESIRE WORKSHEET: used to calculate the "investment value" of a rental property. In addition, the worksheet is used by investors looking for a specific rate of return. They Worksheet enables them to start with the desired rate of return, then use the worksheet to determine the price they should pay to achieve that return.
  • 1031 EXCHANGE WORKSHEET: used to estimate the effects of a 1031 real estate exchange including: balancing equities, realized gain, recognized gain, new basis, and so on.
  • Top...



5. I'm not a real estate agent...will the Series help me with my personal investments?

Yes, by all means. The Series is designed for anyone interested in getting the inside scoop on how to profit from real estate investing.



6. Is there math involved? (I HATE math!)

No complicated math! Your trusty, basic calculator (doesn't have to be a fancy financial model) will do all the work. You sit back and learn the concepts.



7. Can I watch more than once?

Yes. You have unlimited access, 24/7.



8. Can I contact Tom if I have questions about the material?

Absolutely. Tom enjoys hearing from and talking with people who are interested in learning more about real estate investing.



9. Can I share the information with my clients?

Yes. One purpose of the Series is to help you help your clients.



10. Will this work on big and small properties?

The concepts presented in Tom's 4-Part, Online Series are applicable for small properties and large properties located in big cities or small towns.



11. What are people saying about Tom's online programs?

"Wowza! Great course that is jam-packed with helpful information that will boost your confidence." - Oklahoma


"It was upbeat, informative and easy to follow. Something I will use the rest of my life, personally and professionally." - New Hampshire


"Absolutely a must if you're investing." - North Carolina


"Fantastic course - I will use this information often." - Georgia


"Hands down the best course I've ever taken. I recommend it to both REALTORS® and investors." - Louisiana


"First class!" - Ohio


"Taught in a way that was easy to learn and gave "ah ha" moments." - Washington



12. What are people saying Tom's live presentations?

"WOW! Our folks were really impressed. And that's OK by me. I like being a hero for the day because I found a great speaker." - Virginia


"This is the third time we've had Tom here to be part of our educational programs and each time is even more enjoyable." - California


"Tom, don't be surprised if we solicit you to speak to us again next year. You're definitely "major league" material." - Wisconsin


"I knew that Tom Lundstedt was the best speaker that I'd ever heard, but it was gratifying to find out that the other 150 REALTORS® that attended his recent seminar shared the same feelings after they'd heard him speak also!" - Oregon


"What can I say? Your convention session was fabulous and the members loved you. The information was great and, if implemented the right way, could be very beneficial to everyone who attended." - Missouri